Honors College Makes New Progress in Student Exchanges
2015-08-28 22:30   审核人:

Based on the result released by CSC on June 8, altogether 24 students from Honors College (HC) was selected and admitted to join the 2015 Merit Undergraduates International Exchange Program which will be sponsored by CSC. Such a number accounts for a half of the total number of students at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) who were involved, which shows the great achievement made by HC and helps to strengthen the its championship position. This year, students will go to many top universities in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary and Korea, and complete a four to ten months' exchange program. Apart from this, another seven students have been assessed by French UT Group and are qualified to take part in the two years' joint cultivation program to be started in September, 2015 offered by UTT and UTC.


Since 2012, HC is continuously making progress in international cooperation. Till now, student exchange programs of HC alone reaches five, including the programs cooperating with Braunschweig Technical University (six months), Hamburg University of Technology (six months), Delft University of Technology (one year), French UT Group program (2 years), and University of Akron (one year). Among all these, the programs established with universities in Germany and the Netherlands have obtained support from CSC, therefore, students can apply for scholarship from it.


In recent years, the number of students joined in CSC International Exchange Program in HC ranks the top among all colleges at NPU. In virtue of joint effort made by both HC and overseas universities, we have built up a personal cultivation and supervision system, with the aim to help students make full use of the opportunity to study abroad and promote their development on both of their fundamental knowledge and life experience.