Exchanging Students from Honors College Extend Their National Day Greetings
2015-08-28 22:45   审核人:

The autumn season, bustling bright, singing waves, we ushered in the sixty-five anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of china. In the whole nation to celebrate this moment, study overseas education experimental school students have in a variety of ways to express deep blessing of the motherland, and earnest longing, picked up the camera records under their excited mood.
In the last two years, the reform of the college has been remarkable, and it has greatly promoted the international level of talent training, drawing lessons from foreign advanced university's talents training mode and concept, and established the normal mechanism of foreign teachers in the teaching of specialized courses. Actively explore the country (territory) external communication channels, encourage students to participate in the exchange program. In recent years, the school of education and the United States, Britain, France, Germany and many other well-known universities to cooperate, college students more excellent performance to win the whole school 1/3 of the national public school exchange index. At present, there are nearly 30% of students participating in various countries (territory) exchange program.
Believe that with the increasingly powerful motherland, under the leadership of the Leadership Institute, laboratory institute of education will achieve more fruitful achievements, college on the road of internationalization will more walk more wide will produce more top-notch creative talents to contribute to the revival of the motherland!
Wish the motherland prosperous and prosperous, wish the education experiment college better and better!