Education experiment in 2014 CSC outstanding undergraduate exchange program work to be the first of the whole school
2015-08-28 22:57   审核人:

June 12th, the National Fund announced the 2014 national public school students to study abroad on the project selection results, the number of admissions 19 people, accounting for 27.9% of the total number of admissions, for the past three years, the largest number of admissions.
"Outstanding undergraduate international exchange project" is the international training program, which aims to give full play to the advantages of the national public education and the policy guidance and the leading role, and further promote the cooperation with the world famous universities and institutions to promote multicultural exchange, improve students' innovative awareness, practical ability and international competitiveness.
College in the understanding of the needs of the majority of students, a profound understanding of the importance of public education projects, to better promote this project, we have a variety of forms, such as the forum, lectures, and other forms of propaganda, and actively explore all kinds of channels, so that students have more choices. At the same time, actively guide the outstanding students to improve their foreign language and scientific research level, to do a good job in the selection and recommendation of the hospital, so that the number of college students approved for three consecutive years ranked first in the whole school. In the future, I will continue to create an international culture environment, to send more students to go to overseas universities to learn, and strive to improve the students an international perspective and international competitiveness.