A letter to classmates of Honors College -ShiYu
2015-08-28 22:58   审核人:

Hello everyone I am the school of education experiment 10 undergraduate Shi Yu, after the end of the experimental study of the Normal University of aviation academy. Three semester I and the level of Gao Chong, Li Siyi and Aeronautical Institute, two other students to apply with the Industrial University of Hamburg harburg public school exchange program. Now we have started our communication life.
Although nominally and Hamburg harburg Industrial University of communication, but we receive unit is the Hamburg air transportation system of the German Aerospace Center located in,. Say first to learn on the job, because we are in graduate school, and also is senior next semester, so Yang teacher and research for communication decided to let us here to do graduate design. We come here to understand the specific issues we are investigating the future of Asian aviation market, and then combined with the conclusions of the research design a suitable for the future of Asia's aviation market. This is a great challenge for students who have never had a system to do any project. But if we can keep doing it and finish the graduation design, it is a very good exercise opportunity. So if you want to choose between aircraft design professional as a graduate student stage of learning, if you can have the opportunity to exchange here, we must take a good grasp of.
Besides life, just to study, we feel particularly nervous, after all, a stranger, a sense of security is lacking. But of the colleagues are very friendly, and we a room a Dutch boy and a German boy, usually idle more than, will take the initiative to talk to us, to we introduce them in Germany and the Netherlands study and life experience, and to our understanding of Chinese life and so on. They see we are not how to go, about our weekend time to take us to a taste of the Hamburg scenery, not a few days we have become a good friend. And long before our dean Yangyong teacher will help contact us to his a here reading doctoral students Gu Xiang Yu, Gu seniors before we come to help us find the house, and it gives us many other suggestions, we came to after he and enthusiastic to take us to become familiar with the surrounding environment, let us as soon as possible into the Hamburg's life.
Finally, we want to thank President Yang for our attention to the application of overseas projects. In order to allow us to get the maximum extent of the exercise, the director of the Institute of special contact Research Institute of our communication time from seventh to eighth semester, so that we are here to do the graduation design, and many times before we have warned us that we should cherish the opportunity to learn, good learning, correct our attitude towards foreign exchange.
Every year we apply for the school of Experimental School of public school success can be accounted for the vast majority, because as the only one to develop high standards, wide caliber talents for the purpose of the Institute, we have a great advantage in the application of the exchange. So we must seize the opportunity to prepare for the TOEFL or IELTS, to achieve their goals.
Good luck!
                                                                   Shi Yu
                                                           March 12, 2014