A letter to classmates of Honors College -LeiZhijin
2015-08-28 23:09   审核人:

Dear classmates:
How do you do
I am writing to you in the home of Marx, telling you that I have received the feeling of the school from the beginning to the outside world.
I went to the University, is known as the "European MIT" of the University of Aachen (RWTH). Here is the alma mater of Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang president, Qian Xuesen's mentor von Karman is where I Institute of Aerodynamics (AIA) second term director, he and Prandtl et al, the cognition of the sky pushed to the peak of the era. We have the two floor of the old building, still stands von Carmen's sculpture, every time when I see it, I am excited, but also a great responsibility.
Looking back on the past, in the foreign exchanges and international cooperation in the field, the pilot college of education can open the today's situation, is to rely on the to Yangyong vice president to represent the college staff and our previous result of several sessions of the brothers and sisters to their own hard work. Yang Dean has a good command of English, long-term experience in working abroad, he in order to let us have the chance than other, more out of the country, develop the field of vision of, in order to let such an opportunity to perpetuate, paid a you cannot imagine now effort; we grew up, and in the midst of the, so some sort of understanding, your grade increased, really sensible, regardless of whether or not to go abroad, don't forget to Yang Dean them a piece of our painstaking.
Low grade students, you have heard of the Tangshan mine school? That's the big scientist Mao Yisheng's alma mater. 98 years ago, Mao Yisheng graduated from there, with the "Geng Chen claims" to America attended Cornell University. Then the old Chinese has no place in the world, be split, but don't say she is a small school. At first everyone very abandon the Oriental small stature, but Mao Yisheng by dint of hard work, only a year on Master graduation, and won the "Feidishi" gold medal. To marvel at the American professors decided that henceforth, Ivy Cornell University exemption admission all Tangshan railroad and school came to apply for graduate! The students, now China is strong, but the Chinese youth's mission has not changed, such a thing is still in place; you are in the performance of foreign countries, may be left to his alma mater attitude. To sister Liu Yiou, Wang Xun brother, Wen Feng Li brothers, Liu Yuan, Jiang Runkun seniors, Ma Kaichao senior representatives of a large number of outstanding high school students, with their own strength, to the foreign school proved the glory of "the west" and "Education Experimental School".
The Yangtze River each wave pushing at the one ahead, a new generation of old people win. I hope that we cherish the honor of the school of education experiments, and strive to get the hard won opportunity to prepare in advance, to actively apply.
The Chinese famous mathematician Mr. Hua Luogeng said: "hard work can produce onslaught, cooked to 100 qiao. Qinnengbuzhuo is old, a hard one." Wish you all a learning progress, thrive on the teaching reform of this piece of fertile land and become the pillars of the motherland, a new generation of national defense science, technology and industry modernization.
                        Member of the National Association of TU9, Germany
North Rhine - West Fallon Career Technical College - Aachen university students (RWTH)
   2010 levels of study and practice of the school of education experiment
                                                                Lei Zhijin