A letter to classmates of Honors College -GaoChong
2015-08-28 23:13   审核人:

Brother, sister:
How do you do. First do a self introduction, I am the 2010 level of the school of education, high Chong, from the JS001005 class, in 2013 I have the honor to apply to the outstanding undergraduate students to go abroad to exchange projects, to complete their own undergraduate graduation design. From the application of the project to Germany's learning life, there are a lot of feelings, I hope that through this way to share.
Also Chuaizhuo full of expectation of life abroad, I on March 1, 2014 to Hamburg, Germany, fresh air, ancient buildings, the enthusiasm of the residents, everything here has an impact on my eye. But what follows is a little bit of worry, in a completely strange environment, I can be a good life to learn it? Can I adapt to the life here? In my mind, I repeat this question for many times.
After two days of rest, the third day I came to the place: air transport of the German Aerospace institute. Just come here, the tutor took us to visit the entire research institute, and enthusiastically to introduce us to each individual, this will eliminate our strange feeling, but also here people's smile touched. Through introduction of the mentor, we also understand that, in many of my colleagues here are like such a prestigious RWTH Aachen, Munich Harbin Industrial University graduate, and work with so many great people, we feel glad also felt pressure.
Originally thought that the first two weeks can only understand the work here, familiar with the environment, can not be expected, in the first day, the teacher gave us a lot of work, and asked us to do a weekly report, which makes even the environment is not familiar with the pressure. Fortunately, here we come to attend to a brother, he here studying for a PhD, and a has graduated from Dr. elder sister. They give us a patient introduction to the work here and take care of our lives. From them, I also see the peculiar Xigong adults diligent and steadfast, every evening, when other people have already left, I can always see their figure, which also inspired us, not to Xigong adults lose face.
Although I have only been working here for ten days, I have experienced the German who is in the pursuit of perfection, the quality that is not impatient, which will benefit me all my life. I know Miss Yang in order to fight for these projects, paid a lot of effort, so I especially want to thank Yangyong teacher. Without him, we will not have such a good chance, here I want to remind juniors, wish you early to do a good job in the course of study, and in their spare time to learn English, ready as early as the IELTS or TOEFL score, projects often come very suddenly, opportunities are only for the prepared and to wish everyone a can successfully apply for exchange programs, to the outside to feel not the same world.
                                                                Gao Chong
                                                           March 12, 2014