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News and Events
Party Secretary CHEN Xiaozhu of Northwestern Polytechnical University Takes Pictures with Students to Be graduated in 2015
2015-08-28 23:37   审核人:

On the morning of June 23, the Party Secretary of Northwestern Polytechnical University, CHEN Xiaozhu, accompanied by Vice President WAN Xiaopeng arrived at Dongfanghong Square in Youyi Campus. Although it was raining hard, they talked warmly with students who were present there, asked them about their future plans and left a good time in students' memory.

 They took photos with 65 graduating students from Honors College. YANG Yong (Dean of Honors College), TAI Binglong (Vice Dean of Honors College), LIU Chaoya (Vice Dean of Honors College) and other working staffs also attended.

 After taking photos, Secretary Chen enquired keenly about students' future plans. From all the answers it was clear that all students chose to further their study at home or abroad, thus she raised three requests. First, keep motherland in mind. She required the students no matter where they go, always remember it is China and Northwestern Polytechnical University that cultivated them and fostered them. Second, Be brave enough to take responsibilities. Respond to the history call to be a qualified successor for China's modernization drive. Third, Be creative and innovative. Nowadays, China is undergoing rapid changes, thus it is crucial to have the sense to be creative and innovative. Be aware to make contribution to China's economic development.

 The deep and profound words from Secretary Chen inspired the students' passion and emotion. They asked for more group photos and Secretary Chen catered their needs one by one. At last, on behalf of all faculty members, Secretary Chen extended good wishes to all the students.

             (Edited by WANG Haixiao, Student Counselor of Honors College)