News and Events
News and Events
Notice of the students of the school of education experiment in the laboratory of the mechanical and electrical engineering students to visit the school of mechanical and electrical
2015-08-28 23:41   审核人:
May 15, 2015 afternoon, the school will be organized by the school of 2013 days and 2014 class of mechanical and electrical college students to the school of friendship and the school of mechanical and electrical engineering to visit the school, and to communicate with the school of mechanical and electrical.
The main purpose of the event is to make the students understand the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the professional characteristics of the electrical and Mechanical College, as well as the direction of research and other related information, so that students can be more rational and rational choice for the professional and the intention of the students according to their own actual situation and intention.
The relevant circumstances can be linked to the school of education experiment.
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