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Holland INHolland teachers teach "project management" course to observe the notice
2015-08-28 23:50   审核人:
Invited by the school of International Cooperation Department, Mr nuhn inholland University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Nijdam and Mr. jongen lady will be on March 30 to April 4, during, for my school education experimental school in the class of 2013 student speaker period week "project management" course. Compared with the previous course, this course features a special addition to Ms. Jongen's speech skills training.
The exchange of teaching activities is the fourth time after the pilot work in 2013, the school of education experiments conducted a lot of preparatory work. The course uses a project based learning method, which contains the basic knowledge of project management, project planning, team division of labor, contract signing process, project implementation, report writing and oral presentation of the whole process. Teaching, counseling and discussion all the implementation of english. This course is a compulsory course for most foreign students of science and engineering. The teaching method is suitable for the undergraduate course in our university. It pays great attention to the students' ability training, and emphasizes the basic process of team work, experience engineering application or research. Mr nuhn and Nijdam will respectively to airline transportation management consulting and the trend of the development of the information technology research for the task, guide students to learn the basic knowledge of project management in the, complete advisory report.
In order to expand the effect of the exchange of teaching activities, the international cooperation department, the academic department hopes to actively participate in the school related teachers to observe, and with the INHolland teachers interested in teaching methods of communication. The relevant circumstances can be linked to the school of education experiment.
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