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Honors College on finding out the reason of the alumni of the country
2015-08-28 23:58   审核人:
As summer goes and winter comes, chunhua. Since 1985 the establishment of the class teaching, experimental college education has gone through more than 1/4 century Cantabile years, "reform class" the name not only throughout the university campus, and has already far motherland defense industrial base in Northwest China -- all kinds of military enterprises and research institutes; a batch from this piece of land out of the "" reform, adhering to the "honesty, courage, male, Yi" motto, carry forward the "new three" spirit, in the motherland the important scientific research departments, enterprises, in order to cultivate college "thick foundation, wide caliber, strong ability, high quality, work hard and perseveringly," pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of first-class, made an irreplaceable contribution to the motherland, national defense industry and local economic development research. We have learned that some of them have become defense strengthened, economic development, western development under the new situation, unit, enterprise pillar and leading figures. However, due to the special nature of the education experiment college students training program, the complexity of the graduation and the characteristics of the defense industry itself, we have no Alumni Association, the college can not accurately grasp the contribution and deeds of outstanding alumni, and even the majority of people are now in the development of the situation.
In order to cope with the ongoing reform of, further to create the school elite education brand culture, culture of the majority of students in school school sense of belonging and sense of honor, college office decided, for the whole society to search for class education reform since the establishment of the training the outstanding alumni, alumni of the Greek parties mindful of his alma mater, respond so enthusiastically, provide clues, hesitate to reply.
This, best wishes to our alumni, wish everyone a happy family, a successful career!
Contact person: Mu Yang
Phone: 88494329
      Northwestern Polytechnical University School of education experiment
                                                            March 28, 2014